Discover the All-New 2025 Ram 1500 RHO

The new 2025 Ram 1500 RHO marks a significant departure from the traditional V-8 engine found in many trucks, including the famed Hellcat. Despite their similar aggressive personas, the Hellcat's roar cannot be summoned by the same magic used to call forth Beetlejuice. With the official unveiling of the 2025 Ram 1500 RHO, it's clear that a new era of power has dawned, one that doesn't rely on the iconic V-8.


While the RHO shares similarities with the TRX, Ram's previous off-road powerhouse, it stands out as a unique offering deserving of a fair assessment. Although the 702-hp Ram supertruck may have left a lasting impression, viewing the RHO as a successor to the TRX might not do it justice. In fact, the RHO could very well be Ram's most impressive sport truck yet, if given the chance to shine on its own merits.


The Heart of the Beast

Under the hood, the 2025 Ram 1500 RHO is powered by a version of the new Hurricane inline-six engine, a feature that has become a signature of Ram's high-performance lineup. The RHO's Hurricane High Output Straight-Six Turbo utilizes twin low-inertia Garrett turbos to produce an impressive 540 horsepower and 521 lb-ft of torque from a 3.0-liter displacement. While these figures are impressive on their own, the RHO boasts some unique enhancements over other Hurricane engines.


One standout feature is the air intake system, which includes a water-draining hood scoop and a high-flow radial filter. This design allows for optimal airflow and easy maintenance, making it ideal for off-road adventures. Additionally, the RHO features an equal-length dual exhaust system with an H-pipe, which enhances exhaust scavenging and ensures consistent lubrication during extreme driving conditions.


Performance and Capability

The 2025 Ram 1500 RHO is not just about raw power; it's also engineered for superior performance and capability. The RHO comes equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a BorgWarner full-time four-wheel-drive transfer case with a 2.64:1 low range. The independent front suspension features forged aluminum control arms, offering an impressive 13 inches of wheel travel.


In terms of off-road capability, the RHO shines with its Dana 60 rear axle, which features full floating axle shafts and an electronic locking differential. The truck boasts 14 inches of rear wheel travel, providing unmatched agility and control on rough terrain. Additionally, the RHO offers a generous ground clearance of 11.8 inches, allowing it to wade through 32 inches of water with ease.


Aesthetics and Interior

The 2025 Ram 1500 RHO stands out with its bold and aggressive design. The truck features composite fender flares that stretch the vehicle 8 inches wider than other Ram 1500 models, giving it a commanding presence on the road. The front bumper includes RHO-specific end caps with LED clearance lamps, further enhancing its rugged appearance.


Inside, the RHO offers a range of premium features, including a 14.5-inch vertical center touchscreen, a 12.3-inch digital cluster, and a 10.0-inch head-up display. The truck also comes equipped with a 900-watt Harman Kardon audio system, ensuring that every journey is accompanied by exceptional sound quality.


The 2025 Ram 1500 RHO represents a new chapter in off-road performance, offering a compelling alternative to traditional V-8 engines. With its powerful inline-six engine, impressive off-road capabilities, and premium features, the RHO is poised to redefine the off-road truck segment. Starting at $71,945, it offers exceptional value compared to its competitors, making it an attractive option for off-road enthusiasts looking for a thrilling and capable truck.



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April 25, 2024
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