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Ginny S. Avatar
Ginny S.
1/15/2020 - Google

Went for express service for an oil change and was greeted by happy, friendly people. The work was done quickly and correctly so I didnt even have a chance to browse much at the showroom.I love this dealership for their service and attitude.

Mary L. Avatar
Mary L.
1/15/2020 - Google

In and out same morning with the parts needed in stock. That’s appreciated.

Melissa H. Avatar
Melissa H.
1/08/2020 - Google

Although I didn’t have much interaction with this dealership (collision center) I was very pleased with how nice they were to me considering my situation. Very patient and kind. Kody, was easy to deal with and explained everything the best he could. Debbie the receptionist is very sweet and is the best person in my opinion to be greeted by. Thank you diehl for making my awful situation a little easier for me!

Elizabeth K. Avatar
Elizabeth K.
1/08/2020 - Google

Always great service and everyone is very friendly. My service advisor Andrew was great.

mark c. Avatar
mark c.
1/01/2020 - Google

I have never had a bad experience here. I did not buy my ram 3500 from here but they have done warranty work and have been great so far.

Deb M. Avatar
Deb M.
1/01/2020 - Google

Another great experience at Diehl with my salesman Lenny..drove off in my new Jeep..

tim l. Avatar
tim l.
12/29/2019 - Google

Great service and fast too

Bob L. Avatar
Bob L.
12/29/2019 - Google

Quick and efficient!

Karrie P. Avatar
Karrie P.
12/29/2019 - Google

Friendliest and easiest dearlship to go to. We've been buying thru them for years. If your vehicle needs serviced they schedule you in right away and take care of your car within a day. People are really nice there.

Linda K. Avatar
Linda K.
12/29/2019 - Google

It was great

Kenesha J. Avatar
Kenesha J.
11/29/2019 - Google

Excellent experience! I was pleased and extremely satisfied with how my vehicle turned out. The turn around time was also pretty quick.

Ben B. Avatar
Ben B.
11/29/2019 - Google

Great place, great people. Thank you!

Mallory P. Avatar
Mallory P.
11/29/2019 - Google

I have had not so good experiences here in the past until this September when my brand new jeep had issues not starting. I worked with Dan and Alex and could not have been happier with their help.Dan and Alex have really changed my mind about this dealership and I commend their great customer service skills!

Amanda T. Avatar
Amanda T.
11/29/2019 - Google

Amazing work! Inside and out! Ask for Brandon he will take great care of you! Thanks diehl for the awesome work!

ralph m. Avatar
ralph m.
10/29/2019 - Google

Polite, professional and quick service - thank you!

Michelina C. Avatar
Michelina C.
10/29/2019 - Google

Good, quick, quality service

Stephen S. Avatar
Stephen S.
10/29/2019 - Google

They always take care of me

Anthony B. Avatar
Anthony B.
9/29/2019 - Google

they were able to get my Jeep in right away. The service manger Brandon took the time to go on a ride with me so he could hear the noise I was talking about. The service advisors Andrew, Kevin, Tom and Emily are all very nice and welcoming when you come into their department. The only problem with Diehl is when you call in and leave a message good luck getting your call returned in a reasonable time frame. Who ever is in charge of answering the phone is very bad at their job.

Jessie S. Avatar
Jessie S.
9/29/2019 - Google

I like the speed and knowledge of some of the staff in this establishment. Like everywhere, there are a couple people they could probably do without but they won’t be the demise of this business. If you’re a MOPAR fan looking for a dealership, I always like this one. They’re fair in pricing and quick with repairs and assistance.

Don K. Avatar
Don K.
9/29/2019 - Google

I went to Diehl for insurance company warranty work.my vehicle was taken in on time of my appointment.the work was quoted to be done in about an hour.the work was done in an hour and fifteen minutes.The job was done right and they treated me like I was a long time customer, it was my first time visit.Even though my jeep Cherokee is eighteen years old, they treated me like it was a 30,000 dollar vehicle.I would recommend their outstanding service to everyone.D.Kapres.satisfied customer

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